affeivul Hidden Shoe Cabinet for Entryway Slim, Free Standing Narrow Shoe Rack Cabinet Rattan Carving, 2 Flip Drawer Shoe Storage Organizer Cabinet for Closet,Door,Dorm,Garage,Small Spaces – Black

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  • Slim Profile and Space Saver – This is an excellent shoe storage, this shoe rack opened so much space in the entryway and hides all the mess. Doesn’t look like a shoe cabinet, looks like any regular table. It is the perfect place to put your shoes and purse and perfumes for when you’re heading out the door. Slender and narrow fits great for entry way or mud room,hallway and it’s barely noticeable.
  • Solid Construction Wooden Shoe Rack – Shoes cabinet MDF covered in rattan wood-looking print, the hinge mechanism is plastic that is convenience to adjust. The hardware used for the opening and closing the drawers is smooth. This show cabinet is no anchoring need at all if you don’t store a lot of shoes, and it doesn’t move at all when you open the cabinet drawers.
  • Depending on the Size and Bulkiness of the Shoe – The shelves inside adjust to two different widths. The adjustable tiers make entryway cabinet versatile for different types of footwear, from heels to sneakers. Best for flat shoes and kids shoes, except some uggs and high top shoes(because of the hard boot couldn’t squish). If large men’s size are a tight fit, you can tilt them or removing the partition.
  • Total of 5 Storage Compartments – A desktop, a top drawer, two flip drawers and a bottom space. With a vase and books on the top table. The top cubby is perfect for storing things like hats, gloves, or scarves. The flip drawers are a great place to store shoes that you wear less often, or that you want to keep out of sight. The bottom open space is a great way to store shoes that you wear more often.
  • Take about the length of a movie to put entryway shoe cabinet together by oneself – Pieces and bags are numbered to help. You can put it together yourself except for putting the doors on, manybe you need helper to hold it while you maneuver the screws into the inside of the door. Using an electric screwdriver really helps (must be very careful with torque!)

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