LOVLOY Toilet Plunger with Holder, Plunger with Unique Holder, Plungers for Bathroom with Holder, Toilet Plunger Heavy Duty

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  • 🚽【Compatible Plunger】 This universal rubber suction cup compatible with most drain sizes. The largest size plunger is suitable for of 5.7-inch toilet drain. Others is 5.3inches. Larger size means it is compatible with more drain sizes.
  • 🚽【Two Way Use】 There are two ways to use this plunger. You can pull out the extended rubber to clear toilet clogs. In the other way, you can fold up rubber to use for shower drains and sinks. A handy helper, the heavy-duty toilet plunger creates an ultra-tight seal around the drain, providing maximum plunging power for clearing tough clogs in toilet bowls, shower drains, and sinks.
  • 🚽【Durable And Efficient Plunger】 Made from durable natural rubber, this toilet plunger creates an ultra-tight seal around the drain and provides maximum plunging power for clearing tough clogs of the toilet bowls, shower drains, and sinks, which makes your plunging more effective. it’s great for commercial and residential use.
  • 🚽【Drip-free and Ventilated Plunger Holder】 Designed to help keep bathroom floors clean & tidy, the base of our toilet plunger set has been upgraded with a state-of-the-art drainage system. And drips are instantly captured by the holder to support proper ventilation. Upgraded with ventilation, the toilet plunger holder allows drips to evaporate so to prevent smelly stink.
  • 🚽【Comfortable Handle】This ergonomic handle is designed for a convenient, comfortable grip. Compared with other handles, this comfortable handle is designed with a large and long grip, which makes your cleaning easier and more convenient. What’s more, the 19.5 inches plunger handle help keep your hands clean when using a toilet plunger.
  • 🚽【Half Hidden Plunger Design】 You could turn around the toilet plunger base to keep the plunger head out of sight, prevents feeling embarrassed when customers use your toilet, and makes your bathroom well organized.

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