Over The Door Broom and Mop Holder Organizer | Drilling Free Back of Door Broom and Mop Holder Door Mount | Mop and Broom Holder StainLess Steel | with 2 Over Door Hooks, Can also be Wall Mounted

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  • Over Door Thin Metal: The hooks that fit over the door, have been modified to be extra durable at jut a 0.04” thickness. We have done this to guarantee that your door will be able to close, while still being able to easily bear the weight of your brooms.
  • READ THIS: Optimized for 1.5-Inch Door Thickness: Our organizer is precisely engineered to fit doors up to 1.5 inches thick, ensuring a secure and stable fit without the need for drilling. Ideal for maximizing space in your kitchen, laundry room, or utility closet. We are aware other vendors are offering solutions like this for thicker doors such as 1.8” or 2”. We strongly recommend CHOOSING THE PERFECT FIT FOR YOUR DOOR to avoid the product fitting loosely banging on the door.
  • Stainless Steel Durability: Experience the lasting quality of our Stainless Steel Broom Organizer, designed to withstand daily use and resist corrosion. Perfect for organizing brooms, mops, and cleaning tools with a sleek, modern appearance. The over door hooks are powder coated in black color. Each slot and hook on our Broom Holder confidently supports up to 5 pounds, providing reliable storage for your cleaning tools. Organize heavier items without worry, knowing our product is built to carry the load.
  • 4 Different Height Options: Our Broom and Mop Holder is innovatively designed to be able to be mounted at 4 different heights, so you can mount it at the height that is the most suitable and comfortably for you personally. The broom organizer can also be screwed straight into any wall.
  • Assembles 4x Faster Than Similar Products: There’s only one screw on each side to connect the hooks onto the broom holder. No need for complex assemblies or using complex tools.
  • Efficient Space Management: Maximize your storage space with our multipurpose Broom and Mop Holder. Featuring slots and hooks designed for a variety of cleaning tools, it’s the ultimate solution for keeping your utility areas tidy and organized.

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