X-Sense Smart Smoke Detector with Voice Alerts and 17 Locations, Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm with SBS50 Base Station, Test from APP, Wireless Interconnected Fire Alarm, Model XS0B-MR31

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  • Voice Alerts with Location: Up to 17 preset locations to choose from; once smoke is detected, voice alerts such as, “Warning! Smoke detected in Dining Room! Evacuate!” pinpoint the danger, making it possible to quickly locate the source of the smoke; studies have shown that children respond faster to a human voice than to alarm sounds
  • Enhanced Safety: This talking alarm provides convenient voice messages that promptly inform you of critical information such as tests, low battery, malfunctions, locations, alarm silencing, and Wi-Fi pairing; hearing voice notifications from the alarm helps you stay safer, and is especially helpful for people with impaired vision
  • Never Miss an Alarm: When smoke is detected, you’ll receive instant alerts on your phone, keeping you informed no matter where you are; meanwhile, the base station and all interconnected alarms will emit sounds up to 100 dB, ensuring that everyone in your home is aware of the situation and can evacuate promptly
  • App Test: Conveniently test the alarm from the comfort of your phone’s app, no ladder required; safety is at your fingertips with just the tap of a button
  • Convenient Device Sharing: Make life easier by sharing your device with up to 12 family members using the X-Sense Home Security App; this allows them to effortlessly check the alarm’s status, receive important alerts, and mute the device whenever necessary
  • Long-Lasting Protection: With its durable, 10-year lifespan photoelectric sensor, this smoke alarm reliably detects slow-burning and smoldering fires, providing continuous protection; the built-in, replaceable CR123A battery lasts up to 5 years, so you can forget about battery changes
  • Build a Smart Home Safety System: SBS50 base station supports up to 50 devices, including XS0B-MR smoke alarm, XS01-M smoke alarm, XC01-M CO alarm, XP0A-MR combination alarm, STH51 thermo-hygrometer, SWS51 water leak sensor, and more; 1,700 ft (500 m) open-air connection range means that you can secure every corner of even the largest homes
  • Easy Installation: Measuring 4.3 × 4.3 × 1.3 in (110 × 110 × 33 mm) and including all accessories necessary for a quick setup, this alarm perfectly covers any hole left over from your old alarm; to avoid unwanted alarms, place it at least 10 ft (3 m) away from cooking equipment; for optimal performance, avoid placing it near windows or ventilation ducts

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