Ainkter Pool Water Test Strips 3 in 1 Quick Super Accurate Swimming Pool Test Pool Water – Test Strips for Hot Tub Water & Pool and Spa Test Strips for pH Chlorine/Bromine Alkalinity(50 Strips)

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  • High Accuracy Pool Water Test Strips: The swimming pool water test strips using medical industry technology, make spa test strips for hot tub offer comparable accuracy to liquid tests.At the same time, we also use high-quality fiber paper and non-bleeding pad technology, which alleviates the phenomenon of inaccurate tests caused by color interference between adjacent color blocks encountered, which further improves the accuracy and reliability of our pool test strips. These water test strips offer precise and reliable results, ensuring optimal water chemistry for a safe and enjoyable swim.
  • Multi-Function Pool Test Strips:Ainkter’s pool and spa test strips test all necessary parameters for your swimming pool or spa or hot tub at one time,such as pH,Free Chlorine/Bromineand Alkalinity. By utilizing these pool water test strips, you can conveniently assess the water chemistry without needing to purchase separate pH test strips for water tests. these pool test strips are an economical choice for pool owners looking to keep their pools in top condition.
  • Durable Swimming Pool Water Test Strips:This pool and spa test strips contains 50 water hardness test strips, Each 10 test strips are individually sealed to protect them from environmental factors until use. With a box of 50 pool water test strips, you canconveniently perform weekly checks three times a week for an entire quarter – that’s over 3 months of consistent monitoring!For precise usage, store these water ph test strips in a cool, shaded area to avoid any exposure to direct sunlight or moisture. They pool water test strips have a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months under proper storage conditions.
  • Ease of Use Pool and Spa Test Strips: This spa water test strips test simply dip in water for 2 seconds;Then take water test strips out, and place them horizontally for 15s;Finally,compared with the color chart on the bottle to get clear and accurate water quality results. The pool test strips are user-friendly with clear instructions and color charts that make it easy to interpret results, even if you without complex equipment or technical knowledge. Chemical imbalances in water can affect the skin, so our pool water test strips is designed to help you easily maintain and monitor water conditions.
  • Widely Used Swimming Pool Test Strips: These water testing strips function as hot tub chemicals test strips, pool test strips for above ground pool, pool test kit for inground pool, and other pool and spa test strips. No matter you use Chlorine in your swimming pool, or Bromine in your hot tub, these test strips help you to know if the water is safe, clean and crystal clear before jumping into.

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