Mosquito attractant-attracting Blood-Sucking Insects to The Mrs Mosquito Trap-octenol Lure Working 24×7-catching Female Mosquito Quickly and efficiently-one pcs/per Month-MAXTTRAC

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  • An effective mosquito attractant for use for outdoor fly traps.Focus on ATTRACTING Mosquitoes– made of food-grade materials by mimicking human skin scents that mosquitoes is very interested in.
  • Obviously Increase Catch Rates of mosquitoes– Effectively attracting blood-sucking insects to trap such such as mosquitoes, midges, gnats covers those which transmit dengue,West nile virus, Encephalitis, and enhance catch rates
  • Perfect design— use safely and cleanly compatible with any high-quality Mrs Mosquito killer & Trap
  • Working Long-Lasting – 24/7, Replace Maxttrac lures every 30 days to ensure catching continuously for a best result.
  • Easy to Use – Simply pierce the hole of Maxttrac lures and twist in your trap, plugging in outlet, your trap will be working. Just throw it to the garbage when you replace for new Maxttrac lure.
  • Safe and NEVER STINKS–non-toxic, odorless, and safe for humans and pets, dryness and cleanliness, DON’T need to wear glove to take and throw it.

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