Steel Stud TV Mounting Kit, Metal Stud TV Mount Kit for Tilt & Low Profile TV, Drywall Anchors for TV Mounting Kit Includes 4 Wall Anchors (1/4”) & Bolts, Steel Drill Bit and TV Mounting Hardware

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  • One Pack for All You Need: Our steel stud TV mount kit includes every essential part you need for installing the TV mount. It comes with a 1/2” steel drill bit for drilling, as well as Four sets of 1/4”-20 anchors, matched 1/4in x2-1/2in bolts and washers for a secure, stable mount for your TV.
  • Superior Quality: Our TV mount kit is crafted with high-quality materials to provide superior wall protection and a more stable installation. These comprehensive TV mount kits are designed for superior strength and stability, ensuring your TV is securely mounted with confidence.
  • Scientific Design: Our TV mount kit is designed to securely mount your Tilt & Low Profile TV Mounts on steel studs and also protects your walls from damage. This versatile kit is ideal for any room in your home. (TV Mount Not Included)
  • Practice Safe Mounting: Facilitates secure installation to steel stud walls, common in apartments and commercial construction. Can be mounted on multiple surfaces, but we recommend mounting your TV mount on steel studs. (For fixed TV mounts and tilt TV mounts only)
  • Easy to Install: This wall anchor kit contains pre-assembled anchors and bolts, making it an ideal choice for your TV mount project. The included drill bit saves time by ensuring the correct drill is used. Even novice DIYers can install our TV mount kit with ease, thanks to our simple installation process.

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